And So It Goes…#607

In 1989 what became known as ” The Hillsborough Tragedy ” ,occurred. The outcomes of which had wide ranging impact throughout professionally organised football and beyond. The subsequent official enquiries into the causes of the tragedy became in time self-fuelling stories.Basically,large sections of the Press most notoriously  News International’s  “The Sun “, swathes of credulous politicians,Ministers,bureaucrats and senior police officers became involved a decades long conspiracy to defame the victims and their families and communities. Going so far as to pervert the course of Justice by systematically falsifying  contemporary witness statements in order to substantiate the actually false and misleading official explanations as to the cause of the Tragedy that were being peddled by South Yorkshire Police and its Media and Political allies. Over a quarter of a century on from that Day of Infamy ,the truth and nothing but the truth is being ” fracked ” out from the code of Omerta that has bound the key actors in a mafia-like complicity of silence. The Daily Telegraph of 12 March 2015 reports :-

The police officer in charge during the Hillsborough disaster admitted on Thursday telling a “terrible lie” over the tragedy as he apologised “unreservedly” to the families of those who died.

Former chief superintendent David Duckenfield, the match commander, confessed at the new inquests into the deaths of 96 Liverpool F.C. supporters at the club’s 1989 FA Cup semi-final that he had wrongly led the Football Association to believe thousands of fans had broken into the ground ahead of the fatal crush.

Duckenfield, who had in fact given the order for a gate to be opened that allowed them into the stadium, then directly addressed the Hillsborough families, adding: “I regret that omission and I shall regret it to my dying day.”

His admission and apology drew gasps from inside the packed Warrington courtroom during what was Duckenfield’s second day giving evidence at the new inquests into Britain’s worst sporting disaster.

The 70-year-old, who admitted on Tuesday that he was ” not the best man for the job”of policing such a high-profile fixture, was quizzed on Wednesday about what he told the FA’s Graham Kelly about the unfolding tragedy on April 15, 1989.

He said he had told Kelly that fans had “got in through a gate” but added: “What I didn’t say to Mr Kelly, I didn’t say, ‘I have authorised the opening of the gates’, I didn’t tell him that.”

Duckenfield admitted that constituted a “a terrible lie, in that everybody knew the truth”.

This is what Scum sounds like when it’s trying to pretend to have been growing a proper human conscience over the last 26 years. Please Sir I lied. Funny ,I don’t hear an automatic being cocked ,I don’t hear prison doors being slammed.This is what passes for ” justice “, this drivel is what passes for contrition and remorse in Masonic,Class -ridden,spineless ,Public school & Oxbridge inbred  governed Britain.And alas always shall.


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