And So It Goes…#610

To start a Revolution,say along the lines of 1789 or 1917 ,it is only necessary for the established Order to deny the masses the possibility of Change via social reform. Either Ms.Rachel reeves ( Labour Member of Parliament for West Leeds ) is knowingly trying to foment such a Revolution and in some way secretly would welcome it or she is a complete imbecile and is as nasty as she sounds. Today is March 18,2015 and the Shadow secretary of State for the Departnment of Work & Pensions is at the epicentre of a media shitstorm, one no doubt applauded by vast swathes of reactionary, ideologically conformist Tories and others. Gleaned from the contemporaneous columns of The Independent :-


Rachel Reeves has received a fierce backlash after stating that Labour does not want to be seen as the party of the welfare state.

In an interview, the shadow work and pensions secretary laid out plans to slash the number of food banks operating in the UK if Labour comes to power. She said she felt it was a sign of “failed welfare state” that so many people in Britain were using them.

“We are not the party of people on benefits. We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, the party to represent those who are out of work,” she said.

“Labour are a party of working people, formed for and by working people.”

There was a strong reaction to her comments on social media, with many pointing out that people who are on benefits can be employed.

And here’s a missive ( no doubt one of an infinite number sent by others elsewhere ) that I emailed to the Yorkshire Post and the Evening Post:-

Sir – It is galling to discover that the very elected representatives you had hoped would actually represent your interests turn out to do the exact opposite. Ms.Reeves,who possibly might become Secretary of State at the DWP after May 7th. has stated categorically that Labour don’t represent neither do they want to represent the very many millions of British citizens currently in receipt of their rightful Benefits. To characterise Ms.Reeves’ statement as an affront to democratic politics , a gross insult to and vilification of benefits recipients or even a wholesale betrayal of fundamental Labour principles ,would on reflection be a very moderate response. Metropolitan-domiciled,Oxbridge-educated eltist .party apparatchiks parachuted into staunch working class ” Safe” Northern constituencies has long since been the Labour Party norm.One need only add Rachel reeves to the veritable Pantheon of geographically neighbouring automatons ,Yvette Cooper,Ed Balls,Mary Creagh,the list,alas is  endless. All have that same loathing and outright contempt for the victims of their policies from 1997-2010.
Louis Kasatkin ( JSA Recipient )

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