And So It Goes…#611

The whole concept and underlying ideological premise of ” multiculturalism ” and whatever a ” multicultural society ” was supposed to be , were ,are and continue to be entirely spurious.  ” Multi-culti ” is nothing other than a figment of deranged imaginations and the product of a conspiracy of like-minded imbeciles and charlatans. And ,as usual it takes a carefully stage-managed Mea Culpa , a televised epiphany from one such chief architect,enforcer and perpetrator of the gargantuan ideological fraud for the putrescent abscess to be finally burst and let go of its democracy-asphixyating poison and malice. herewith gleaned from The Independent of March 20,2015 :-

” This business of race never seems to go away. Just when it looks like we’ve got it covered, out comes another initiative, another documentary. This week in the US, Starbucks is encouraging its baristas to kickstart a conversation about race at 12,000 locations, by scratching “Race Together” on the cups of waiting customers. In the UK we must settle for the more subtle approach of Trevor Phillips presenting last night’s Channel 4 documentary Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True.

Phillips is well-placed to tackle the subject, having been a Labour party member for decades and active in equality quangos for almost as long. He’s an established insider – privy to the rarefied sphere of political debate in which the language of liberalism is shaped. A few years ago he did a volte-face on multiculturalism that led Ken Livingstone to suggest that Phillips would “soon be joining the BNP”.

In the documentary he’s critical of the equalities industry and the manner in which racism is now tackled. A development that could perhaps lead to a less empathetic and inclusive society. One in which people in the media are “terrified” to discuss race, and in which multiculturalism is a “racket” exploited by those that opt for isolation, segregation and nativism. He says this because he can.

Meanwhile those watching from home feel less secure about voicing their opinions, fearing they need to self-censor in order to toe the ever-changing official line on racial etiquette. This documentary is being billed as a kind of glasnost on race. From tomorrow we will be free to discuss the issue without being dismissed as bigots – and presumably, without the need of a Starbucks coffee cup to get the party started.

It’s likely that many will agree with the points that Phillips makes – we are heading for a form of thought control, as the pursuit of equality and the fight against racism moves beyond public life and into the private sphere. But we can also expand on this by adding that the race industry, along with the foot soldiers of the left, tend to fall silent when murderers, suicide bombers, racist killers and grooming gangs are anything but British, COE and a whiter shade of pale. Any deviation alerts them to news the rest of us – whatever our class, creed, colour or county – has lived with for a while: yes, sometimes people with brown skins do bad things.

The serial rapes of teenage girls in Rotherham is the classic example – leaving something close to blood on the hands of the Labour partisans that failed to address it. As self-evident as all the above appears to the general public, it seems that television is late with the news on this one. ”

Phillips genuflects just like his Partei Comrades in Labour ;Straw and Blunkett , who both mea-culped like genuine penitents before the Final Judgement over their callous,cold-blooded and deftly calculated calamity of promoting unrestricted mass inner-EU migration back in 2004.   Thanks then to all of them and their witless allies who really did achieve their aim of destroying the independent,sovereign British nation state and all of its historical and cultural integrity and inheritance.


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