And So It Goes…#615

Just one week after defecating on Welfare Benefits claimants ,Rachel Reeves MP * ( Menopausal Prat) has got her Petainist/Quisling labour party hack-journo comrades at the Blairite Daily Mirror to do a Goebbels-like reinvention of what she actually said and meant to say. So ,perhaps she was being hypocritical all along ?

From today’s Daily Mirror. A LOAD OF…Read about @UKLabour ‘s plan to reduce dependency on food banks in my @DailyMirror interview with @roswynnejones And it didn’t ring true. Reeves, 36, brought up in South East London, understands only too well the blurred distinction between working people and people on benefits. “I was being asked about whether Labour is the welfare party,” Reeves says, clarifying comments she says were taken horribly out of context. “Of course, the Labour Party represents everyone in work and out of work. It was created to give a voice to working people, but we also built the welfare state for those who fall on difficult times. “People should judge us on our policies not on a comment taken out of context.”   Just what “context” is she talking about ?  It’s from the Labour Party’s Holiest Scripture-The Guardian,verbatim and unaltered as she spoke the words….. However, Reeves said Labour did not want to be seen to be the party of the welfare state. “We are not the party of people on benefits. We don’t want to be seen, and we’re not, the party to represent those who are out of work,” she said. “Labour are a party of working people, formed for and by working people.”
Such a moral will our intrepid M.P. cope ? tune in again this time next week for Part 3 of A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS – The Entire History of the British Labour Party.  Can’t wait…

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