And So It Goes…#616

Just how much craziness the West  ( the US and its NATO satrapies ) have left in the tank is a bit of a moot point. Clearly the whole ISIS/ISIL farrago cum imbroglio  raised the bar considerably in tortuous , self-inflicted  damage. But heck,there’s still parts of the Middle-east /Arabia that they haven’t as yet got around to blasting to smithereens on their time-worn,clapped out bogus and highly tendentious pretexts for mass murder and carnage. Step up Yemen ;they’ve found you hiding away and now…

The Daily usury supporting Telegraph reports on March 27 2015 the following :-

Britain will support the Saudi-led assault on Yemeni rebels “in every practical way short of engaging in combat”, the Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, said on Friday.

In a briefing while on a visit to Washington, Mr Hammond confirmed that British-built aircraft were being used in the campaign, in which saudi arabia and its Sunni Arab allies have bombed targets throughout the country.

He reiterated that Britain stood behind the intervention, intended to prevent the Houthis ,an Iranian-backed Shia militia from taking over the country. He said that Britain was not directly involved but that might change.

“As yet, not,” he said. “But as you know we have a long-standing relationship with the Saudi armed forces, particularly the Royal Saudi Air Force.


The meds Hammond was on have clearly not worked.


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