And So it Goes…#617

” By their fruits shall ye know them ” – Matthew 7:16

Iraq -failed , Somalia – failed , Yugoslavia – failed , Afghanistan – failed ,Iraq (2) – failed again  , Libya – failed , Syria -failed ,The Ukraine – failed.

The collapse of Lehmann Bros. in 2007 triggered – but did not create – the global banking collapse that in turn engendered the current continuing longest capitalist economic recession of the last 100 years.

The European Union’s single currency ” The Euro ” is mired in perpetual crises and dysfunctionality which in turn continues to destabilise and enfeeble a host of formerly sovereign and autonomous national state economies across the Continent.

ISIS/ISIL/DAESH – themselves the spawn of a myriad number of Black ops, and conspiracies brought to fruition by CIA,Mossad ,MI6 and a corrosive imbroglio of decades-long failed foreign policy initiatives and interventions carried at at the behest of Washington-domiciled neo-cons.

It could all ,one might endeavour to suppose ,be the terribly unfortunate synchronicity of  a number of diverse and unconnected events. Except that is for the obvious and wholly transparent common denominator.

It is ,for the sake of Human civilisation’s  continued presence on this planet and the general well being of Society,that the Plague of Usurer-Capitalism and all of its works  be extinguished ; either the body dies or the invasive plague dies. Clearly the notion of co-existence is a delusion brought on by the very presence of the Plague itself,since its only objective is to kill the host – the 99% of us.

Sein oder nicht sein.



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