And So It Goes…#620

The Final Countdown ?

This Tuesday,April 7th. 2015 I have been told to await a phone call between the 11 and 11.30 a.m. from INTERSERVE . INTERSERVE are part of the private enterprise contractor-driven ,instutuionalised scam called The Work Programme .They are profiteers who have ripped off and continue to rip off millions from the Department for Work & Pensions and its phoney and completely failed Work Programme. Now,these charlatans/grifters aka  INTERSERVE also act as ” Providers ” for what the dumbed-down dumber DWP like to call ” Mandatory Work Activity “. This MWA is an invention worthy of Franz Kafka,only it’s entirely real and operational insofar as any demented,self-contradictory scheme of any governmental bureaucracy can be said to be real. All claimants of Job Seeker Allowance are liable to be referred onto Mandatory Work Activity after claiming the JSA benefit for 13 weeks. To refuse to go onto MWA is in itself sanctionable.To be on MWA and then to not accept the mind-sapping,degrading garbage the Provider tries to palm off onto you is,again sanctionable. I will be expected to do 30 hours a week for a period of 4 weeks. Why ? because that is how they define MWA ; its supposed to “help” me and millions of others  in their quest for a job and also be of benefit to the community-whatever that’s supposed to mean .

How will I actually respond to this invitation to participate in a forced labour scheme ?

Stay tuned for further updates.

Worth noting : I don’t do surrender.


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