And So It Goes…#624

Time to get serious. Who’s bombing who ? It’s difficult to tell these days,what with a Saudi-Wahabi-Sunni led coalition trying to flatten what’s left of Yemen’s infrastructure and population in pursuit of local albeit Iranian-backed Shi’ite rebels  who until recently were represented by the UN’s recognised President of Yemen ! The US and UK are providing non-combat support to their largest customer for military equipment ,i.e.making sure that Saudi warplanes are kept in running order. In turn Saudi Arabia and its coterie of toadying acolytes within the Gulf Cooperation Council  ,with Turkish collusion ,support the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh horror which the US is actually collaborating with Shi’ite Iran and Hezbollah and Assad’s Syria and the Shi’ite militias in Iraq in opposing. Pakistan who effectively collaborated with and supplied Taliban forces in Afghanistan against NATO and the US has seen its own National assembly vote down a proposal to send troops and aircraft to supplement the Saudi/Egyptian efforts in Yemen.Egypt itself is wholly dependent on US military aid. Hundreds of Trillions of dollars have been pissed into the winds of history by maniacs,predominantly in the West and their client satrapies fighting their own arcane and mystifying agendas. Lunatics such as McCain and Bush and Clinton and Reagan and their shoeshine boys in Downing Street have perpetuated and in their own not very insignificant ways ,exacerbated already intolerably unsustainable situations. And that’s without broaching the subject the Ukraine and the West’s kamikaze compulsion to attempt the destruction of historically sovereign and independent Russia. Which on its own would be a megalomaniacal project making  Hitler in comparison appear the very acme of reason .  To borrow from Barry MacGuire’s ,worldwide No.1 hit record form 1965 ,” Eve of Destruction ” – that hasn’t dated one iota, ” ” How can you tell me that we’re not on the eve of destructiion ? “.   Well ,we can’t.


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