And So It Goes…#630

( INTRO : This is episode 2 of the story arc started  by this blog in A.S.I.G..#622 )


Louis Kasatkin
To Paul Carr Apr 21 at 4:06 PM
Sir – I recall from our brief conversation on 7 April,that the required interview to ascertain my needs and circumstances was at your suggestion put back 4-5 weeks because you informed me that a) your office was understaffed sand b) you were dealing with a huge backlog of people who had been referred to you. So quite on what transparent and rational basis your Doncaster office has generated this implausible decision I have no idea. You yourself have stated that apart from my name and NI number you have no details on which to evaluate any possible “placement”. I await with interest your response.

Louis Kasatkin

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Paul Carr
To Louis Kasatkin Apr 21 at 5:26 PM
The backlog as been somewhat reduced and are now able to place customers into a placement a lot quicker than when we first predicted, I did indeed suggest that the backlog may cause your placement to be delayed a week or two.
We (Interserve) have to follow the correct procedure directed from the DWP and this state’s we must place a customer into a placement within 20 days of referral and the person who has placed you has every right to place you in this period.
And going back to the point of the person who placed you: this person is my colleague and works in the office in Leeds and not Doncaster,
the letter that you have received cannot be altered as the Doncaster office is the main centre.
In most instances we have a lot of information on customer that are transferred to ourselves and we work on that ,in some instances we don’t always get the information from the job centre and have to go on customer’s willingness to tell us as much about themselves as possible in these cases.
We still have to place people regardless of a customer’s situation unless stated by the DWP
Paul-Andrew Carr

Out of Office: F.A.O. CM Rosser – Your Letter 20 April.(2)People

Louis Kasatkin

Today at 10:54 AM


Louis Kasatkin
Today at 10:57 AM

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