And So It Goes…#631

Amid the tsunami waves of empty rhetoric and phoney promises of the General Election campaign ,an occasional glimmer of realpolitik manages to gain the attention of the bemused ,bothered and bewildered electorate in general and Corporate media & Commentariat in particular. Back in 2011 ,Cameron and Sarkozy led the NATO cavalry charge to topple Gaddafi ; Cameron in fact led it so well,that the UK’s naval and air forces ran out of munitions and had to buy more off the shelf from his Washington puppetmasters. So here we are in 2015 and the humanitarian chaos often warned about by Gaddafi that might eventuate were the regional rulers to be undermined by forces supported by the West, is now gathering momentum and will no doubt accelerate for quite a long time to come. Pandora’s box got well and truly opened by Britain’s  Downing Street domiciled Olympian grade Imbecile and Strategic half-wit. Even the shabby and discomfited Labour Party recognises Cameron’s culpability. Hence the latest orchestrated chorus from those hypocrites non-pareil at the Daily Mail :-

Furious row erupts over ‘shameful’ Miliband claim that Mediterranean refugee deaths are a ‘direct result’ of Cameron’s Libya intervention

  • Tories accuse Ed Miliband of stooping to a ‘shameful’ new low in campaign
  • Labour leader will today attack the Prime Minister’s intervention in Libya
  • He will argue the refugee deaths are ‘a direct result’ of Cameron’s failure 
  • Comes after EU leaders agreed package of measures to tackle the crisis
  • Mr Cameron agreed to send a Royal Navy warship to the region within days



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