And So It Goes…#632

( The Mandatory Work Activity Saga continues…see also ASIG 630 & 622 )

MWA at Flutterbuys Shop commencing Monday 27 April
Louis Kasatkin
To Wesley Critchley mary Today at 9:53 AM
Sir – Following legal advice , advice from my Church and the advice from my JCP Wakefield Work Coach,I can confirm that I shall be “reporting” to the placement at 11.30 am this coming Monday as set out in the letter of 20 April. I do so under the most strongest personal protests and misgivings. My attendance cannot be legally interpreted as my having agreed or given any willing consent to this scheme of state-sponsored forced labour. Interserve are aware that they have not made any rationally,fact-based assessment of what might constitute a beneficial placement. I must also inform you that I am initiating a formal complaint with the JCP West Yorkshire District Office against Interserve for their failure to adhere to procedure and additional and repeated failure to offer an explanation of their statement to me that this MWA meets the criteria that ” the activity you undertake will also be of benefit to the local community “. A separate complaint against WDHCS to the Charity Commission is also under active consideration . I look forward to commencing my MWA at 11.30 am Monday 27 April.

LUKE 10:7

Louis Kasatkin.


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