And So It Goes…#634

( My Mandatory Work Placement ,the saga continues .Previously, in ASIG #632 ,I’d agreed to attend my first day at Flutterbuys Charity shop.You can also catch up on the fb Dans La Merde page. )

*** MWA PLACEMENT UPDATE *** Wednesday 29 April.

Following the unexpected ” Interview ” conducted by shop manager Ms. Lynne Mitchell at 11.30 ,Monday 27th.(the day my 4 week long placement was supposed to commence), she said that either she or INTERSERVE would let me know if my interview had been ” successful “,late Monday or on Tuesday. Neither of them has actually contacted me,so ,am I on MWA ? What next….

Well ,it’s the 30th now and still no word. I even took another look at the INTERSERVE letter to me just to make sure that I hadn’t wilfully misinterpreted what they had written. report to commence your placement. ” Interview ” let alone ” No further communication from us ” definitely not mentioned.

Oh ,hum..nothing much to do right now apart from wait for the faeces meteorological forecast to find out when the next shower of shit might be heading my way.11182126_603300136473798_4457842677535923362_n


2 thoughts on “And So It Goes…#634

  1. In the event you do start a placement at Flutterbuys or another charity suggest you ask them to confirm in writing that you will covered by their accident liability insurance for the duration of the MWA placement. We have a template letter you can use – see link below.

    Also, when you arrive to start the the placement some charities ask you fill in a ‘Volunteer’ form. As you know, you can’t volunteer for MWA. By agreeing to complete the form, you’re allowing the charity to pass you off – for insurance purposes – as a volunteer. This of course, is illegal, but understandably many claimants are too scared of getting a sanction, so just agree to it. .

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