And So It Goes…#636

Nothing quite beats the cacophony of self-pitying ,whining ,moaning and bleating emanating from the massed ranks of grasping ,self-deluded,self-aggrandising,wannabe middle-class conformists bemoaning their rapidly shrinking entitlements and vacuous careerist expectations in life. Bleat ,Whine ,Snivel : Repeat.  And as long as the Ruling Elites’ hirelings in the political class pander to and attempt to assuage the myriad of wholly specious grievances and petulant demands of that socio-economic quagmire calling itself the middle class, all apparently shall be well. Clearly , the Cosmos as we presently understand and experience it, came into existence and is maintained for the sake of …erm…reproducing biologically which in and of itself pertains to acquiring a mortgage and becoming a Usury-ensnared vassal of the Ruling Elites. Hitler lost the Second World War because he couldn’t offer the German and other foreign electorates,competitive mortgages. If only Stalin had made the effort to provide a greater range of shiny baubles  , or any shiny baubles at all ,for the many acquisitively predisposed amongst the masses to feel that their lives had meaning. Grasping shills ,greedy charlatans thaumaturgists practising Voodoo economics . Capitalism and its symbiot Usury,are a myth peddled by imbeciles who will be eviscerated at the end of time.

The Daily Cringeworthy,toadying Mail even conjures up the ideological corpses of a dead and buried past epoch to try and make it more than just about shiny baubles and debts no honest man could ever hope to repay,least of all to the AntiChrists of Usury.

Gleaned from their specious editorial of Sunday 3 May:-

This is a defining week for Britain: one which will influence all our individual destinies. Rarely in the long democratic history of our islands has a General Election result been so unpredictable – or so important.

A vote for a Labour-SNP pact would empower a cabal of nationalists and socialists who together want to break up the country and reverse five years of hard-fought economic renewal.

For those of us who care passionately about this country, the prospect of this calamity has created a crisis in slow motion – like watching a truck carrying precious cargo as it trundles towards a cliff.



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