And So It Goes…#638

As a Sovereign Citizen I have today exercised my somewhat attenuated and problematic democratic right and cast a valid ballot both in the general Parliamentary and Local Council elections. This in spite of the Usurer-Capitalist Occupation Forces imploring me and my fellow Sovereign Citizens to actually do so. Lacking all legal , and therefore moral ,authority to act , direct and do anything at all that means squat to me ,the Neo-Liberal Freemarket, Authoritarian Regime can talk and talk all day long for as long as they see fit. I utterly loathe ,hate and despise their very existence and all that they think,believe and stand for. I shall never utter ,let alone even contemplate for an instance uttering ,a solitary syllable in their defence or mitigation. The People are Sovereign and all Sovereignity ,cultural,historical and national identity and belonging and kinship is vested solely within the People. Not one of their laws ,regulations or decrees is to be obeyed or kow-towed to. Should I give the impression of appearing to actively do so,it is out of the situational demands of a tactical or strategic necessity. Nietzsche was correct in stating  (that inter alia Usurer-Capitalism ) and  what The State has ,is theft and what the State says is lies. What sane person does what liars and thieves ask of them ?  La Lotta Continua.All Power to the People.


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