And So It Goes…#641

( Notes for beginners :- MWA = Mandatory Work activity,the UK State’s Forced Labour Scheme : JSA = Job Seekers Allowance : JCP = Job Centre Plus ,the bureaucracy that refers long term unemployed onto MWA via an approved ” Provider” such as Interserve ). Anyhow,following on from And So It Goes #634 ….

YOU EVER READ ” THE TRIAL ” By FRANZ KAFKA. ? This is basically the same story…I got a letter dated 11 May from JCP at Hucknall titled ,”Mandatory Work Activity:Good Cause Letter (JSA) ” It starts off, ” A doubt has arisen on your entitlement to JSA because it appears that you have failed to take part in MWA by failing to undertake the activity that SEETEC told you to do ” It goes on…”..Unless you can provide a good reason for not undertaking this activity your benefit may be affected”. So,today I spent 20 minutes on the phone with INTERSERVE at Doncaster to try and get an explanation from them.I tell them that FLUTTERBUYS Charity shop-manager interviewed me on 27 April , the day I had to report for MWA and said that whoever of the 3 names given to her by INTERSERVE she chose would be informed as to when they start the MWA. So,I hear nothing for 3 weeks.The Minions at INTERSERVE refuse to discuss who raised the doubt which got passed to JCP.They then tell me that I am no longer on MWA and for me to contact JCP.Which I do . Another 20 minutes later and the helpful person at JCP Hucknall is telling me that she has no idea why their letter to me says “SEETEC” and not “INTERSERVE” and that on my file it says INTERSERVE wrote to me on 27 April telling me to report to a Community Furniture shop in Selby. Which in fact they had not. Helpful JCP then look at their computer files and say that there seems to have been a mistake and that they do have a report from FLUTTERBUYS Shop manager saying I had attended as per instruction. JCP Hucknall are getting back to me,with a new letter,containing the correct information and mentioning the wrong file under my name.  Is there any wonder that some consider suicide as being preferable to this kind of institutionalised lunacy ?

Dans La Merde- My Mandatory Work Placement is on facebook.


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