And So It Goes…#642

The aim of Orwell’s ” NEWSPEAK ” in ” 1984 ” , was to bring about the eradication of oppositional thought ,indeed any thought contrary to the prevailing norms of the official ideology of ” INGSOC ” . Eric Blair aka George Orwell nearly got it spot on ; but it turned out that it is  the Ruling Elites and their dogma of free market ,neo-liberalism and praxis of institutionalised Corporate Global Capitalism which is THE  ” Newspeak “. Bureaucratic ,Statist Socialism  ,Social democracy and the like have all gone down the garbage chute of historical relevance and immediacy. The Jackals have triumphed. Markets ,competition and consumption are the sacraments and the trinity of the Anti-Christs’ secularist Religion. Corporate profit and individualised greed are the Orthodoxy. To oppose ,let alone resist or speak out against any part of this Universal-Capitalist Theology is to define oneself as a heretic. And we all know what  happens to those who practice heresy. The State  is no longer ,if indeed it ever was, the mediator of class conflict ; the State openly and brazenly colludes and collaborates with the partisan interests of Capital only. Nietzsche’s dictum takes on an even greater relevance and immediacy :- ” What the State ( and Capitalists ) have is theft and what the State ( and the Capitalists ) say is lies “.


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