And So It Goes…#644

Let’s keep this simple. Need to catch up on this saga ? ( check out And So It Goes…#641 ,634 etc.)

It’s Wednesday 20 May ,  yesterday 19 May I phoned JCP,Hucknall and INTERSERVE Doncaster re; the ” Good Cause ” letter (see above )  .it WAS Groundhog Day; two separate conversations identical to those of 13 May, repeated ad infinitum. However , what it clarified is this. INTERSRVE raised the ” Doubt ” referred to in JCP’s ” Good Cause ” letter. In order to avoid getting Sanctioned because of this ” Doubt “-about my attendance or otherwise on their mismanaged and poorly communicated MWA placement ,I have to give JCP what JCP call a  ” Good Reason ” . INTERSERVE have steadfastly refused to let me know what their ” Doubt ” consists of. This means I’m supposed to address this  ” Doubt ” with my ” Good Reason ” when I’m not allowed to know what the basis of the Doubt is;in which case I get sanctioned. the Doubt and my Good Reason are being forwarded to what JCP call a ” Decision Maker “. One of the MWA team at INTERSERVE says they have it on file that I referred to MWA as ” slave labour “-which he maintains it is not. I expect further ” news ” about all of this by the weekend….


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