And So it Goes…#647

Scandal  ? Schmandal ! The Politcal Class , the Civil Service – those faithful retainers of our Oxbridge educated ,Metropolitan domiciled Ruling Elites sure know how to look after one of their own. Even the usually sanguine Daily -I must get the taxpayer to subsidise my mortgage repayments – Mail has taken umbrage.Gleaned from its 23 May edition.

Treasury signed off ‘disgraceful’ £134k pay-off for child protection boss who failed to speak out about abuse by Pakistani gangs and was rehired as a consultant within 24 hours on £1k a DAY

  • Deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz failed to raise the alarm
  • Took voluntary redundancy on April 30 and landed new job the next day
  • Current role has her leading inquiry into child abuse in family she had charge of in previous post
  • The 61-year-old is paid £960 a day – working up to nine days a month 

Whether it’s a publicly funded NHS Trust group of hospitals , or state schools or something amiss in the armed forces ,Police or BBC ;the perpetrators of whatever is wrong stand a better than even chance of getting off scot-free ,one way or another.

Words of denunciation are pretty much a complete waste of time. Clearly it’s time for the tumbrils to start rolling again.


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