And So It Goes..#650

11090871_616003608536784_5786741769996917845_o** I’VE BEEN SANCTIONED !!! **
I got a letter ( Thursday 28th.) from the JCP Barnsley office dated 21 May telling me of their decision that my ” good reason ” wasn’t accepted for not attending my MWA placement. – The date of their letter,21 May is actually the day before the Hucknall office got my ” Good Reason” in writing letter on which they had to make a ” decision ” ,how prescient of them…

So,on Friday 29th.I made several phone calls ,primarily to a national call centre number to firstly initiate the procedure to make a claim for Hardship payments and secondly to request an explanation of the decision to turn down my ” Good Reason “. And in between conducting 2 separate and distinct telephone enquiries, I was given ,on the second of 2 phones I was using, an appointment at my local JobCentre to complete an application for Hardship. JCP Hucknall -whom i dealt with on 13th.and 19th.May also then phoned me and I was finally allowed to elicit the cause of  the ” Doubt “. Interserve and the Flutterbuys charity shop manager cited my free expression of a legal opinion as grounds for  the raising of what is euphemistically called  ” Doubt ”  but is in fact the launch of a fast-tracked bureaucratic procedure that allows JCP to issue a Sanction and thereby punish the MWA -Forced Labour participant with a 13 Weeks  Sanction,i.e. the person gets no money whatsoever whilst unemployed !!

The situation at the end of Friday 29 May, ( after again being informed by yet another phone call ),is that I will receive the Hardship payment ,which equates to 60% of JobSeekers Allowance ,ie. £40 per week  after I next sign on the Thursday 11 June and receive my payment of £80 for the next fortnight on Tuesday 16 June ; so no money whatsoever until then !!

I have formally challenged , asked for a ” Mandatory reconsideration ” re: the JCP ‘s Decision-Makers’ explanation of why they imposed a 13 Weeks sanction following their dismissal of my ” Good Reason ” – which JCP  based on a partially accurate summary of an interim phone call I made to them on the a result of the errors they had made with the previous letters to me. The correct legal written response ,on which they must make their decision ,which I gave in writing as per their demand ,got to their office 2 days after they already issued the Sanctions against me.


Clearly ,I’m living through Kafka’s  ” The Sanction ” his unwritten follow up to  ” The Trial “.


( Please feel free to share,repost and pass on to other activists and campaigners, etc.the email addresses of all the following and )who got this morning at 10:40 AM this missive.
Sir – Thanks to your misinforming JCP regarding my ” placement ” at Flutterbuys,Wakefield ,I have now been Sanctioned for not giving a ” good reason ” in response to what they call a ” Doubt ” which you at Interserve raised. You at Interserve gave Ms.Mitchell,the Flutterbuys manager 3 names from which she interviewed and chose who she wanted to fill the position. as I was one of the two not chosen by her ,I fail to comprehend what the ” doubt ” was that you reported to JCP. You are aware that I have made this request for your explanation before and that you have previously refused to respond.


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