And So It Goes…#651

11258274_608441539292991_8998640639775939895_n**I’VE BEEN SANCTIONED : Episode II **

I emailed this to Wakefield Express,Yorkshire Post,Yorkshire Evening Post and The Guardian. just to keep things stirring along.
To Wakefield Editorial Today at 10:11 AM
Sir – I wonder if it has ever befallen any of your readers ,that when they awoke one morning they found themselves embroiled in a series of inexplicable events straight from the 60’s TV classic , ” The Prisoner ” ? I received a letter from Job Centre Plus at the end of last week informing me that I had been Sanctioned and that my JSA claim is suspended for 13 weeks, until the middle of August. I have not the slightest idea as to why they should have done this. Their reason for leaving me to starve in the cold and the dark until August , since I have no other income apart from JSA, is that my Mandatory Work Activity provider, a most obdurate and unhelpful company called Interserve, had raised what is euphemistically called a ” doubt ” with JCP regarding my non-attendance at my MWA placement . This again came as a surprise to me,since after failing an interview for one such organisation on April 27,I had been awaiting further news from Interserve in respect of them allocating or offering another placement to go to. This,as it turns out they failed to do. A ” Doubt ” has actually no legal standing and can be best described as an unsubstantiated allegation-there is no burden of proof required. The client ,me, is never actually informed what the precise and detailed substance if any,of this doubt is. Nevertheless ,JCP required me to provide them with a ” Good Reason ” in writing refuting the doubt I knew next to nothing about. Hardly due process I think. Two days before receiving the legally required “Good Reason” in writing upon which JCP base their sanctions decision,they actually issued the Sanction !! How remarkably prescient of them. And just like the Prisoner I am left none the wiser as to who is in charge and who makes the rules and what the purpose of my being sanctioned actually is. Being left to starve in the cold and dark for 3 months is,your readers would agree ,unacceptable.


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