And So It Goes…#655

Germany ,supposedly ,is the powerhouse of the EU the Hegemon nonpareil. Merkel’s Berlin is influencing this  ,that and the other whilst being in cahoots with France constructing our EU Superstate nightmare. But what is Germany’s real situation in this rapidly deconstructing unipolar world ?

Interviewed on June 6th by German Economic News, the chief economist at Bremer Landesbank, Folker Hellmeyer, says that because of Obama’s sanctions against Russia, German exports declined year-over-year by 18% in 2014, and by 34% in the first two months of 2015 (no later figures), but he asserts that “The damage is much more comprehensive than these statistics show,” because those are only the “primary losses,” and there are in addition “secondary effects,” which get even worse over time.

For example: “European countries with strong business in Russia, including Finland and Austria, are economically hit very hard. These countries consequently place fewer orders from Germany. Moreover, considering that European corporations will circumvent the sanctions, to create production facilities at the highest efficiency level in Russia, we lose this potential capital stock, which is the basis of our prosperity. Russia wins the capital stock,” at the EU’s expense, even though the sanctions are targeted against Russia.

Germany is doing Washington’s bidding ,kowtowing to and pleasing America first even at the real material and economic costs to Germany itself. The US-engineered ,EU/NATO delivered catastrophic imbroglio in the Ukraine and elsewhere is the true measure of the on-going ,irrevocable decline of Washington’s megalomaniacal unipolar world order.The EU even at its grandest is a third rate ,pathetic historic-re-enactment society that needs its chins wiping after using the drool cup handed to it by the US. Only the emergent BRICS alliance ,primarily China and Russia now stand ,credibly and defiantly in the path of the USA’s desire for global Goetterdaemerrung.



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