And So it Goes…#656

Just another ordinary ,nothing out of the usual  kind of day here on Planet Earth. Geopolitical / NATO-led chaos and carnage to one side , two contemporaneous stories in the Corporate Media struck me in particular. Firstly ,a 17 year old lad from Dewsbury ( about 10 miles down the road from where I live in Wakefield ) has been reported as having died carrying out a suicide bombing mission for ISIS/ISIL in Iraq. Secondly ,there’s an almighty hoo -ha getting stirred up in the US over a woman who has been passing herself off as being of African American heritage ; how do you say these things in 21st.Century PC speak  ? as Black ! In her case ,it has been her white,European parents who’ve  ,” outed ” her ,which just makes the whole episode seem even crazier than it already appears. And back in England ,the Parents ,obviously ,as well as the Vulture-flock of politicians ,sociologists,Commentators and experts on every kind of unacceptable ” ism ” have expressed their emotions and views on the suicide bomber. Throughout history , countless millions have made individual choices which has led them to act or behave in ways that are ,for the then prevailing societal norms and expectations and taboos ,unacceptable or seemingly deranged. They always have,always will and will continue unabated to do so again in Centuries yet to unfold. Not only do we get to exercise our own vainglorious interpretation of what it is to have free will and live with the consequences ,but we also are living with the aggregated ,historically accumulated consequences of all the free wills exercised by everyone since time immemorial. That’s the way God wants it ,that’s the way God planned it to be. Some day advanced industrial societies will grow up and put aside childish things or they will vanish beneath the sands of historic time and tide. And no-one of whom comes afterward will know that ”  they ” ,whoever they were let alone whatever they did even ever existed .


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