And So It Goes…#657


On Tuesday , 15 June at around 2.30 pm ,Interserve phoned me and told me that JobCentrePlus had informed them that I was being ” pulled out of ” ,the Mandatory Work Activity Placement and that I was no longer on that program. Funny ,since it was only the day before ,Monday at 10.40 am that I got the previous call from Interserve making arrangements with me for my second stint on MWA. Still,the following probably had something to do with this latest and most startling development in my Benefits Sanction Drama. Think of it as a catch-up synopsis of an on-going series that you’re tuning into for the first time….I emailed an updated Press Release….

** Sanctioned Whistleblower Begins 17th.Day of Hunger Strike/ Protest Fast Against Sanction **
To RIDINGS FM Trax FM News Mark Lavery Mary Creagh BBC RADIO LEEDS Wakefield Editorial Wdhcs Info Robinsonm Hide Today at 12:48 PM
Sir – I’ve appended a concise timeline of the politically motivated Sanctions imposed on me by JCP / DWP at the behest of Flutterbuys and Interserve.The notes should even ,upon a cursory reading give you sufficient ,detailed and factually correct information for your news organisation. I have reported the wilful inactions both of DWP and JCP to the National Audit Office for them to investigate further should they find grounds to do so.In the meantime I enter the 17th Day of my Hunger Strike / Protest Fast against this imposition of Sanctions that leave me destitute

Concise Timeline:-

20 April – I receive full 4 Weeks itinerary and instructions from Interserve.

21-24 ( inclusive ) My various email correspondences to Interserve,Flutterbuys and its parent charity WDHCS re:my concerns over the paid work substitution queries others had brought to my notice from their personal experiences of MWA,are not acknowledged or dealt with.

25 April – I email Interserve and Flutterbuys and the shop’s parent charity with confirmation of my compliance and commitment to report as directed.

27 April – I report at Flutterbuys to commence MWA. shop manger tells me that I am 1 of 3 names given her by Interserve for her to interview and choose 1 to start MWA placement !
The manager stated that she or Interserve would contact the successful interviewee. I hear nothing further from Interserve,

13 May – I receive a letter from JCP Hucknall informing me of a “doubt” raised re;my attendance on MWA. The letter refers erroneously to SEETEC as my “Provider” .JCP Hucknall subsequently post me the corrected official letter referring to Interserve. JCP also amend the deadline for receipt of ” My Good Reason ” in writing from the 20th to the 23 rd.May.

14 – 30 ( inclusive ) – Several phone calls made to JCP Hucknall who make interim,provisional notes of these on their screens.

1 June – I get a letter dated 29 May telling me that I have been sanctioned.I phone JCP Huckanll who tell me that the Sanction was made on 20 May ,two days before they received ” My Good Reason ” in writing ,the only basis they’re supposed to make their decision on,

N.B. JCP refer to my failing to attend in their Mandatory Reconsideration Decision Notice and also failure to participate in MWA in their Sanction letter. Their evidential basis for this varied conclusion is explained in the Sanctions letter only as reported and unsubstantiated anecdotal hearsay,where JCP quotes Interserve and Flutterbuys stating onwhat I remarked and what I think. None of which has anything to do with my having attended the Placement and on a subsequent unannounced and unexpected interview being rejected for the placement.They alone decided by their own rules to not have me participate.

DWP at Caxton House and JCP at regional office level have received correspondence re:my raising of legitimate concerns about the conduct and content of Interserve’s MWA.All correspondence has been copied to the Offfice of Mary Creagh MP.

DANS La MERDE - My Mandatory Work Placement's photo.
P.S. go to facebook , #DansLaMerde

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