And So It Goes…#660


It’s been a busy few days on the Mandatory Work Activity Sanctions front. The stormfront hit Saturday afternoon with a phone call from West Yorkshire Police ! I posted the resume on #DansLaMerde facebook page :-

At 3.42 pm ,Saturday 20 June I got a call from West Yorkshire Police.
Corrupt and fraudulent MWA Providers Interslave and their squalid minions,the charity WDHCS and their Flutterbuys Little Shop of Horrors complained to West Yorkshire Plod about my use of Biblical quotes in fb posts wherein I exercised my freedom of speech to highlight the failings and misdemeanours of their organisations,who got me Sanctioned. Please exercise your inalienable democratic right to protest this repressive Stasi action by emailing the following:- / / r,

Oh and I also texted Mary Creagh ,Member of Parliament for Wakefield about this matter and yep ,her office is joining the fray ….and then come Monday I get the letter ,which ,of course I posted on fb.


WDHCS are replying after 8 weeks because DWP have told them to .According to them ,Mandatory Work Activity IS a Volunteering Opportunity !! Read ,repost ,share and reply directly to the letter’s author personally at – and at –

DANS La MERDE - My Mandatory Work Placement's photo.
They’re certainly earning their spurs !! DEUTERONOMY 32:35.

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