And So It Goes…#662

Let’s not delude ourselves , the European Union was doomed to catastrophic failure from the beginning. This megalomanic project of transcontinental social engineering is a continuation by other means of Hitler’s dystopian vision which was ,at least militarily defeated back in 1945 at the cost of some 60 million dead.  The fantastical notion of a Single Currency and a Unitary economic and political entity where all ” citizens ”  are empowered magically to wander about in their unrestricted millions all headed more or less in  one general direction , is the very stuff of neo-liberal freemarket nightmares the Capitalist Ruling Elites have sought for Centuries to inflict and impose on humankind.  It is therefore somewhat of a truly historic and inspiring achievement ,for a relatively insignificant and peripheral nation state ,not in the best of shape , to offer up more than a token modicum of resistance and counter factual narrative to that being espoused and enacted by the Capitalist Ruling Elites .

GO ,GREECE GO !!   Or as the Daily Telegraph observed :-

Greece’s prime minister has announced a snap referendum in a last-ditch attempt to get the country’s European creditors to back down over their demands and secure the country’s precarious eurozone future.

Alexis Tsipras called the shock vote, to be held on on July 5, having spent Friday night holed up in an emergency meeting with his cabinet.

The question to be put before voters is whether or not the country is willing to submit to the conditions being demanded by the International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank.

Speaking to Greek television in a dramatic address in the early hours of Saturday morning, Mr Tsipras said he would support a ‘No’ vote.

“[Our creditors’] proposals, which clearly violate the European rules and the basic rights to work, equality and dignity show that the purpose of some of the partners and institutions was not a viable agreement for all parties, but possibly the humiliation of an entire people,” said the prime minister.

“But I personally pledge that I will respect the result of your democratic choice, whatever that may be.”

Greece’s finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said it was time for the people to decide the country’s fate inside the single currency.

The only pity in this situation is that , for example , the British ,French ,Scandinavian ,Spanish Italian and German Trades Union and Labour movements and other anti-capitalist tendencies are at best only applauding from the sidelines.


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