And So It Goes…#666

The World is burning.Wars ,famine  ,pestilence and economic crises abound. Even in the relatively somnambulant backwaters of the EU there are some 30,000,000 people out of work and experiencing socio-economic deprivation and marginalisation last seen on the continent back in the 1930’s. The starkest headline , emblematic of just how delusional and introspective open political discourse has become here in Yu-Kay ,the EU’s Northwestern maritime Province , is gleaned from the Daily-Servile Mortgage enslaved,petty bourgeois conformist-Mail,today 9 July. Does this qualify for Schadenfreude ?

Uber cashes in on London Tube strike misery by ramping up fares by almost 200 PER CENT as millions of commuters face a nightmare journey into work today

  • London Underground workers are staging 24 hour strike in dispute over pay and introduction of new night services
  • Entire network started running down at 5pm ahead of workers from four unions walking out at 6.30pm yesterday
  • Thousands of people attempted to beat the crowds by leaving earlier only to find themselves stuck on packed trains
  • Uber ramped up the cost of its service introducing a £14.50 minimum fare and charging a further £3.62 per mile
  • Have you got any pictures of rush hour chaos?

Little piggies unable to get to their troughs as per schedule and therefore unable to consume their usual , ridiculous amounts of slops.At least part of our Planet ,or rather what’s left of it ,has gained an unexpected respite.


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