And So It Goes…#670

The Daily Telegraph of 16 July carried a piece from Kristian Niemietz, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs ,stating or rather restating the blindingly obvious. But this is what acolytes of Usurer-Capitalism do when their delusional universe implodes all around them.Off they go on their mantras.

No bailout can save Greece from itself – or from the German voters

Greeks will resist reform imposed from abroad – but Germans will demand it while their cash is on the line. So we go on, locked together in misery

Before the euro crisis, Greece was already a long-term net recipient of transfers from the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the European Cohesion Fund. This seemed to be roughly the level of transfers that taxpayers in the net contributor countries were prepared to pay (although the funding streams were never particularly transparent, so we cannot even know that for sure). But a currency union of countries that are so economically far apart requires transfer levels an order of magnitude above that.

The founders of the euro project hoped that a common currency would help to foster a pan-European identity: West Germans would be as naturally prepared to pool resources and share sovereignty with Greeks as they are with East Germans. That, frankly, has not happened, but in Germany and elsewhere, political elites are not willing to admit that to themselves. So they insist on dragging on, whilst trying to hide the true cost of their policies from their electorates.

Capitalism is Psychosis . It is institutionalised  OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ). Stock markets ,austerity,growth,profits,share-holders,stocks,shares,debts,pensions,insurance,economic investments  and trade cycles ,monetary,fiscal.. blaherty,blaherty ,blah.Where are the humans in all of their insane narrative ? where are the sovereign and autonomous members of Society ? Nowhere ,just as expected. The ultimate point of the Usurer-Capitalist Tyranny and its socio-economic policy instruments of ever increasing exploitation ,marginalisation and pauperisation of ever increasing numbers of people is the annihilation of individual human identity ;the destruction of human society.


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