And So It Goes…#676

DAY 82 – A TIMELY REMINDER – Oh and by the way HMCTS ( Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service ) has finally listed my Sanctions Appeal for 1 October.
The DWP’s own account of the procedures they used to get me sanctioned has at least 4 seperate versions. The one they told me,the one they told the National Audit Office,the one they told the office of Mary Creagh MP about and the one they’re presenting to HMCTS. And all based on wholly perjured and fabricated assertions made by Ms.Lynne Mitchell ( ) on behalf of her exploiting,equally disingenuous ,libelling,slandering corrupt Charity bosses ( ) all in collusion with the vastly corrupt ‪#‎Interserve‬ ( )

DANS La MERDE - My Mandatory Work Placement's photo.

I got a letter ( Thursday 28th.) from the JCP Barnsley office dated 21 May telling me of their decision that my ” good reason ” wasn’t accepted for not attending my MWA placement. – The date of their letter,21 May is actually the day before the Hucknall office got my ” Good Reason” in writing letter on which they had to make a ” decision “….Please feel free to share,repost and on to hackers etc.the email addresses of all the following and who got this morning:-
Louis Kasatkin
To Workingfutures Wdhcs Info Flutterbuys Today at 10:40 AM
Sir – Thanks to your misinforming JCP regarding my ” placement ” at Flutterbuys,Wakefield ,I have now been Sanctioned for not giving a ” good reason ” in response to what they call a ” Doubt ” which you at Interserve raised. You at Interserve gave Ms.Mitchell,the Flutterbuys manager 3 names from which she interviewed and chose who she wanted to fill the position. as I was one of the two not chosen by her ,I fail to comprehend what the ” doubt ” was that you reported to JCP. You are aware that I have made this request for your explanation before and that you have previously refused to respond.


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