And So It Goes…#678

Gleaned from the Daily Telegraph ,11 August 2015 :-

Steve Stenger, the St Louis County Executive, declared the state of emergency as a number of peaceful demonstrators were arrested on Monday afternoon. ”

Ferguson , a suburb of St.Louis gained global notoriety , a year ago , in the aftermath of the gunning down of an unarmed (black) citizen by a local (white) Police Officer. What ensued was – Rioting ,looting,moral outrage , intense and exaggerated political clamour , and copycat / sympathy actions linked to what otherwise would have been isolated similar incidences across the US. In other words just the usual manifestation of expressions of historically racially-infused north american politics. Plus ca change indeed. A perfunctory glance ,on any given day , at the social media newsfeed of any US mainstream  broadcaster / media outlet shows glaring statistics along the lines of  ” Chicago – 2 killed ,14 wounded in weekend gun violence. ” ,for example -other cities and other stats are available. States of emergency are not declared hither and thither ; were a uniform approach adopted , the greater part of the US mainland would find itself to be under virtual martial law. This ,of course from a realpolitik viewpoint will never be allowed to occur.Not that it should or should not happen as the considered and entirely rational response by responsible ,elected governments ,but such mature considerations rarely if ever manifest themselves especially in the US.

Political discourse in the US long since atrophied at an immature ,juvenile stage of development. The objective Class-based conflict arising out of the contradictions and conflicting economic interests of Capital and Labour became intertwined with subsidiary tensions and issues around petit-bourgeois anxieties and intellectualised concerns about ahistorical ” race “. So ,not only was a historic developmental cul-de-sac entered into ,but now its intractable error has been absorbed into the main discourse and become indistinguishable from it.


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