And So It Goes…#679

What you must remember is that the BBC ,is an antiquated ,self-serving ,elitist broadcasting organisation which has acquired ,over time ,a quasi-religious status in the popular mass culture of Great Britain and around the world ( albeit for diametrically opposed reasons ).It poses itself as some wholly virtuous and wholly indispensible part of the British way of life. Albeit governed ,administered and run exclusively by and for the metropolitan-domiciled,Oxbride-educated intelligentsia which are themselves largely indistinguishable from the Ruling Elite. All the pretentiousness ,faux-moralistic rhetoric and sermons on political correctness and censorious usages of what they preordain as acceptable language is one huge facade ; a pantomime performed by idiots,full of liberal piety and signifying nothing. So ,when they get lax and no doubt post-factum insist they were trying to convey comedic irony ( which,clearly they didn’t and would never do ) ,they deserve to get pilloried for devaluing mental illness / psychologically distressed behaviour to the gutter level populist prurient term ” he went nuts “. Similarly ,you can’t say ” N****r ” in public space anymore ,so why say go on about the Latin temperament ? Pompous,effete and corrupt ,the BBC is already carrying way too much baggage. Time to close it down….

Wakefield Editorial
Today at 11:04 AM

Your complaint has been submitted. Thank you for completing the details on this form. We’re sorry that you needed to complain.

We aim to reply to you within about 2 weeks, but it depends on what your complaint is about and how many others we need to investigate and respond to. If we receive other complaints about substantially the same issue, we may send everyone the same reply for consistency and to minimise licence fee costs. We may also publish a public response on this website.

We will report your complaint to BBC staff by tomorrow so they are aware of the issue .Our overnight report is one of the most widely read reports in the BBC and ensures your complaint reaches the right people quickly, including senior management.

All the comments, appreciations and complaints we receive help inform our editorial discussions.

BBC Audience Services


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