And So It Goes…#680

Does anybody seriously get excited about who the next Archbishop of Canterbury might be ? You know ,that long drawn out pretend theological pantomime sans any actual Theological content ,when the archaic no-longer-fit -for-purpose  Church of England wrings its hands and rends its garments in front of an apathetic public ,in what it still believes to be ,a meaningful manner . Pretty much the same thing is happening in the equally historically moribund and utterly useless British Labour Party at this time. The only actual difference between its ideological pantomime sans any discernible Ideology on show ,and the aforementioned C. of E. ,is that as a political party ,Labour gets to to backstab ,betray and connive in a thoroughly nasty ,sectarian internecine fashion albeit in public .

Gleaned from the Daily Torygraph of August 14 ,this particular gloat.

” The Labour Party machine was moving against his candidacy.

Whispered briefings from his rival campaigns saw Mr Burnham urged to be stronger in his attacks on Mr Corbyn in an attempt to ensure no moderate voter names him as a second or third preference.

There is growing belief that the only way Mr Corbyn can be stopped is if he wins less than 45 per cent of first preferences – leaving another candidate to win overall once second and third preferences are distributed through the alternative vote system.

Lord Hattersley told The Telegraph the hard-Left candidate had no right to “impose” his ideology on MPs if he won and urged moderates to continue opposing Mr Corbyn if he becomes leader.

The Labour peer urged MPs to fight Mr Corbyn’s proposals to take Britain out of Nato, nationalise the railway and energy companies and scrap the country’s nuclear weapons. ”

Yawwwn. And so on and so forth.It all makes about as much sense to real community political activists as would a Balinese shadowplay without the subtitles. Just as the single biggest real world obstacle to any Christian Revival is in fact the C.of E. so,the biggest single obstacle to any anti-captalist Revival is the Labour Party. The last thing we need from either of those two is another false dawn brought on by misplaced and ultimately futile make-believe optimism surrounding their leaderships.


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