And So It Goes…#681

What is the point of Capitalism ? Why is the private ownership and control of the means of production ,distribution and exchange of human society worth even arguing over ? Capitalism is not some esoteric intellectual , abstract philosophical concept.  If it were ,then the proponents of capitalism would long ago have conceded that they had lost the argument.

Capitalism is a species of religion ,it is a ” faith ” based system predicated upon the worship of Mammon.It’s priests and acolytes are everywhere as are its theologians,such as Ambrose Evans-Pritchard,reciting their Adam Smithian-inflected scripture as if it and it alone were all truth and conveyed all knowledge and wisdom. That after all is what totalitarian systems do. And that is why they must be resisted ,countered and ultimately destroyed so that not even a vestige of them is left in our collective memory.We are at an inevitable tipping point , a sea-change in the unfolding annals of human History.We can no longer continue on as before. And the more their own constructed economic and attendant social realities press in on their moribund system ,the greater the rending of garments and the sound of wailing coming from within the precincts of their hallowed temples. The globalised Recession of 2007 has not gone away ,there never was any recovery from its calamitous implosion. AEP writing in the Daily Torygraph on August 17 reveals a barely concealed truth :-

” World shipping has fallen into a deep slump over the late summer, dashing hopes of a quick recovery from the global trade recession earlier this year and heightening fears that the six-year economic expansion may be on its last legs.

Freight rates for container shipping from Asia to Europe fell by over 20pc in the second week of August, even though trade volumes should be picking up at this time of the year. The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI) for routes to north European ports crashed by 23pc in five trading days.

The storm in the shipping industry comes as the New York state manufacturing index for July plummeted to a recessionary low of minus 14.9, the lowest since the Great Recession and one of the steepest one-month drops ever recorded. ”

Thus spake the Runes.All capitalist methodology ,all its functions are predicated on The Runes. The bombastic,humanity-degrading logic of necessity that drives the motor of Consumerism. Global Monopoly Usurer-Capitalism is in praxis the Ouroboros ,the serpent swallowing its own tail.

Time now to smash in the Serpent’s head.



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