And So it Goes…#682

** For the complete backstory view A.S.I.G…#679 **

Explaining a person’s behaviour by referring to their racial /ethnic ,origin /heritage reinforces stereotypes ,and not in a good way. Persistent usage of the epithet ” nuts ” in everyday speech has only ever a derogatory meaning ; it characterises a stereotype. No worries ,freedom of speech ,expression whatever.Unless ,of course you are a national broadcasting and multimedia empire especially one given to pompous pronouncements and supposed regard for the strictures of contemporary ” Political Correctness “. Hence my original email – as can be gleaned from the preceding blog post referenced at the top of this one. And herewith the BBC’s  pompous ,self-regarding and as predicted by me,claim that they were trying to be ironic .e.g. ” playing devil’s advocate “. It is rather long-winded,as are all their ” responses ” to complaints; 90% of what they say in reply simply recapitulates what you outlined to them in the first place. here they go  ( deep breath ) –


Louis Kasatkin
Today at 9:54 AM


” Condescending ” and ” bastards ” just about cover it.


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