And So It Goes…#684

The great existential questions of our times are always dealt with inimitable aplomb and circumspection by Peter Hitchens ( the journalist non-pareil whose column magically appears in the Mail on Sunday for some inexplicable reason .) The perennial ,collective ceremony of self-deception ,the infantile disorder of hope-for-the-future under the prevailing capitalist tyranny where the authorities and families collude to applaud yet another astounding quasi-intellectual attainment of stupendous mediocrity. What purpose does this all ultimately serve ? PH can’t decide either…

Last week we learned that the alleged universities which so many children strive to enter give them no benefits. Even the few genuinely elitist colleges cannot any longer guarantee a future for their products. Years later, many thousands of graduates are toiling away at jobs they could have got – and done – without spending three years getting into lifelong debt which will, in many cases, never be repaid.

Why do we do this? Why have we, in effect, raised the school-leaving age to 21 for a large chunk of the population? Why, come to that, do we annually import large numbers of qualified nurses and other professionals from poor countries which can’t afford to lose them? Why is almost every unskilled or semi-skilled job in this country now done by Eastern Europeans, when (at the most recent count) the UK has 922,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs)?

As always, there are two possible explanations. One is that our governments know what they are doing and consciously seek to turn this country into a third-world, low-wage economy.

In which case this stage is simply a transition towards that, designed to soften the blow of youth unemployment and manoeuvre its victims into paying for it by getting into debt. In that case many of the new ‘universities’ will be bulldozed for affordable housing within 20 years, and their degrees will be quaint souvenirs, like Russian Tsarist bonds.

The other explanation is that the people who run this country are so stupid that they believe their own propaganda.

I wish I could work out which of these was worse, and which was true.


2 thoughts on “And So It Goes…#684

  1. ‘Why is almost every unskilled or semi-skilled job in this country now done by Eastern Europeans …?’ You’ve answered your own question. The Green Party and the rest of the political left unwittingly support it as do most of the 16 – 24 age group, as these are most likely to support the EU. Additionally, continually increasing the demand for rented accommodation keeps the greedy buy-to-let brigade in business. It was New Labour, remember, that started these Tory policies.

    1. And so it goes…Freedom of movement for capital and labour,is the core principle of the EU. Capital and labour as anyone knows are not equal.Freedom for one does not necessarily validate freedom for the other. A continual,fast-flowing uninterrupted supply of labour at minimal price due to over-supply is an absolute necessity for Capitalism. restrict the flow of labour and you restrict the blood supply to the heart of Capitalist functioning. I’ve no comprehension of the Left’s paradoxical view on this simple matter.

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