And So It Goes…#685

Actions have consequences.

The European arm of US -Imperialist foreign policy ,( aka NATO ) has been on an ever widening geographic rampage since the end of the phoney so-called ” Cold War ” back in 1989 . Yugoslavia , Iraq ,Afghanistan ,Libya ,Syria. Plus ,of course the additional indirect yet barely camouflaged mischief in Georgia and the Ukraine. An inevitable consequence of bombing and then invading a country is the creation of refugees.And the outcome of NATO’s decades long of barely impeded blitzkrieg against all and sundry who have incurred the State Department’s ire is that there are now countless millions of refugees. And not surprisingly amid all the war-mongering ,additional non-lethal demographic stresses and economic strains of globalisation and multiple-layered capitalist crises have inundated the West in particular the moribund,dysfunctional European Union which is now confronted with an existential crisis of singularly cataclysmic proportions. And there are no answers  ,only an intermittent and disjointed series of  policy reflex responses,each one successively more inadequate than the preceding one. If this carries on for much longer ,World War 2 will soon be a fondly remembered as a calm prelude ; and it does look that all this has a lot further to sink into an as yet unfathomable socio-economic-demographic quagmire.

The Daily Telegraph of 28 August reported:-

Seventy-one migrants including four children died from suffocation inside an abandoned lorry in Austria, police said on Friday.

Fifty-nine men, eight women and four children – believed to be Syrians – were found dead in the lorry. Three people have been arrested in Hungary in relation to the deaths.

The migrants died inside a white refrigeration vehicle designed to carry frozen food. The bodies were so tightly packed and decomposed that police were initially unable to count them accurately.

The lorry was found near Austria’s eastern border with Hungary. Police believe it was parked for at least 24 hours before the bodies were discovered.


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