And So it Goes…#686

The European Union ,( defunct ,moribund ,decrepit as it was .is and shall continue to be ) has by near miraculous bloody fluke taken itself institutions and all over the existential precipice. The symbiotic relationship and connectivity of its individual nation-states to the larger hegemonic USA led NATO and not any nascent indigenous political / populist insurgency has proven decisive in this matter. To glean my  ” Letter to the Editor ” emailed to various local newspapers :-

” Sir – With his allusion to  ” biblical proportions ” , it seems once again to have fallen to Mr.Nigel Farage  to have uttered the most perceptive observation regarding the seemingly inexorable and uncontrollable refugee / migrant crisis now confronting  Europe. There is certainly a wealth of Scripture that addresses such catastrophes ;for example :- Psalm 7:15 , Proverbs 22:8 .Hosea 8:7 and Lamentations 5:2. Then again ,nations such as ours have long since been bereft of any socially just let alone Christian-oriented leadership. “

There is nothing new under the sun. Folly and hubris are intrinsic to human nature , to the exercise of power and to the fate of nations and peoples. ” Knowledge is a deadly friend when no-one sets the rules and the fate of all mankind it seems is in the hands of fools, ” (” Epitaph ” – King Crimson 1969 ).  How very apposite.


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