And So It Goes…#690

I sent the following to the local press ( or what remains of it ) :-

” We are continually regaled nowadays by warnings of this or that imminent threat,to our civilisation ,our way of life,our country,our lives and so forth.These ” threats ” ,according to the bodies informing us ,emanate from various countries abroad.Historically and hysterically as it turns out ,the UK responds to these perceived threats by bombing ,invading and usually occupying the countries who were party to the imagined threat. It is therefore something of a surprise for the Prime Minister to make the following assertion , ” The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security..” I took the precaution of noting the date on which he said this ,lest it be April 1st. Alas no ,the Prime Minister was reacting to the election of the new leader of HM’s Opposition Labour Party. So what does the PM do about this threat ? is there anywhere he could order a pre-emptive military strike for instance ; is there anyone he can order assassinated ? perhaps there could be an economic boycott of some sort ? Or ,was this inane outburst pure hyperbole ;the debased usage of a language that once had order and meaning but is now pure Alice-In-Wonderland ? Are we going to critique them on the beaches  ”

Such is the juvenile level of political discourse in Britain that ,at one and the same time , Corbyn’s elevation to Leader of the Labour Party has made , according to all mainstream political pundits and the entirety of the professional Commentariat, the Labour Party  ” unelectable ” and yet ,as Prime Toilet-Attendant Cameron espouses, with faux fervour , Labour is a threat to us all !!. Make your mind up,they’re either unelectable OR a threat.How can an unelectable Party be a threat ? unless the threat might ,at some science-fiction point in an alternate future arises from an extra-parliamentary source ? In Britain ? yeah ,right ,whatever.



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