And So It Goes…#691

I’m surprised that anyone amongst them even noticed.  This gleaned from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s column  in the Telegraph of 9 September,from a much longer piece on QE.

” We cannot revert to plain vanilla forms of quantitative easing at this stage. The various rounds of QE by the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England after the Lehman crisis were assuredly better than nothing. They averted a depression.

But little more can be extracted from pulling down long-term interest rates by a few more basis points. The trade-off between risk and reward has, in any case, turned negative.

Much of the money has leaked into asset booms, greatly enriching the “haves”, with a painfully slow trickle-down to the rest of society.

A pervasive sense that the financial elites pulled a blinder – while austerity is for little people – explains in part why Mr Corbyn has suddenly stormed into the limelight, and why the US socialist Bernie Sanders has so upset the Democratic primaries. ”

Global Monopoly Usurer-Capitalism’s purpose is to continually impoverish ,pauperise,repress, dehumanise ,marginalise and ultimately eradicate from the human DNA historic timeline as many of the 99% as is practicable and affordable whilst maintaining the integrity and continuity of Capitalism itself.Hence the intrinsic utilitarianism of the vast panoply of financial and economic mechanisms ,rules and doctrinal schemata that have become mythologised and embodied as quasi-deified forms and attributes for all Acolytes and Priests and Princes of the Church of Mammon to invoke and enforce and Worship. Capitalist modes of economic and social production and reproduction do not give rise to idolatry ,i.e. commodity fetishism,THEY ARE idolatry. Baal is the statue which represents Baal.No statue no Baal ,no commodity fetishism no capitalism.As spoken of in the Book of Deutoronomy , ” Cut down their groves ,smash their idols ,destroy their altars “,is in effect a guiding revolutionary principle for effective socio-political activism and praxis. The Ruling Elites throughout human history have sought to ,what our contemporary Commentariat refer to as , ” control the narrative “. In order for any civilisation to function and successfully reproduce the conditions conducive to its longevity over historic time, there must be a dominant ideology ,somebody somehow must assert hegemony . The strongest is master. Time for the 99% to assert this self-evident truth.


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