And So It Goes…#692

2007 -08 ,the Banks collapse ;democratically elected governments across the world use taxpayers money to bail out the Banks. Did they learn anything from this ; did governments ? did the Banks ? isn’t contemporary global capitalism a rational undertaking controlled and managed by the Ruling Elites and professional technocrats who understand how everything works ?

This gleaned from the Daily Telegraph of 21 September from a commentary on the outcome of the latest Greek general election.

” Investors cheered the return of Alexis Tsipras as Greece’s new prime minister despite concerns that the new government was doomed to fail in its bid to keep the country in the eurozone

Greece’s 10-year bond yields, a key indicator of default risk, dropped to a yearly low of 8.09pc, as markets bet that political continuity would ease the implementation of the country’s draconian third bail-out programme. ”

The key phrase , what apologists and imbecilic supporters of free markets might dismiss as a slip of the tongue ,Freudian slip is , ” as markets BET that political continuity would ease….”

Bet ,betting ,wager ,chance ,luck ..are by definition not characteristics of a rational ,controlled managed organised process. Cars ,for example don’t come off of a production line because the night shift manager wagered on the outcome of how many cars would get produced on his shift. Airlines don’t operate on happenstance. The fact that the respected ,sobre-minded  Commentariat can even allude to let alone mention the term ” Bet ” ,as in betting on the 3.30 Horse race at Aintree illuminates a great and over-arching truth. The only way in which a wager , a game of seeming chance ,a bet can ever profit the ones who place the bet is if the game is fixed. Which of course it invariably ,unquestionably is.  99% of human society and the struggles and vicissitudes that we suffer and endure in order to eke out some paltry ,transient life and existence at all on this world is nothing other than the plaything of the Ruling Elites and the ,to give it its proper moniker ,the Usurer-Capitalist system itself is nothing more than a shell game.


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