And So it Goes…#693

( The continuing saga of my Mandatory Work Activity -see #DansLaMerde on fb and several previous blog posts on this here site ). I emailed this to amongst others ,Flutterbuys-the Little Charity Shop of Horrors ,Interserve the multi-billion dollar global Corporation and our very own Department of Work & Pensions who exist to persecute anyone and everyone .

TODAY’S READINGS : Deutoronomy 32:35 & 2 Peter 2:3


INFORMATION COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE – HERE TO HELP LIARS LIKE FLUTTERBUYS ,#Interserve DWP ;- 23 September 2015 Case Reference Number RFA0587408 Dear Mr Kasatkin,
As explained previously, the statement that you have provided us with appears to be based on an opinion and is unlikely to be factually inaccurate.

It appears that your interpretation of the event is different to that which is held by Wakefield & District Health and Community Services Ltd, Interserve and the Department for Work and Pensions.

It is not the Commissioner’s role to establish the exact events that took place. Our only role in relation to the fourth principle is to establish whether the organisation has taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information it holds.

In practice, this means asking the organisation to keep a record of what you consider to be accurate. If the organisation has retained copies of correspondence you have sent in which you outline your concerns, this would be sufficient.

This is the most we can achieve under the DPA. We cannot compel the organisations to alter or delete the information.

Dear Adele Roper –
I appreciate the time and trouble that you have gone to in replying to my original concerns. I merely reiterated my original point,because I could not grasp just how utterly ineffectual and powerless the ICO is in practice in relation to organisations holding and using what are actually lies and deliberate misinformation about an individual. Lies and deliberate misinformation upon which ultimately a government department has acted. I thank you for confirming that the ICO has no authority to compel organisations to undertake any reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information they hold and use,and clearly it is permissible under Statute for such information that they do hold and use for that information to be lies and falsehoods and not mere factual inaccuracies.11258274_608441539292991_8998640639775939895_n


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