And So It Goes…#698

Just for the record.The footnote appended to the end of the original Saga as recorded both on fb #DansLaMerde and across this blog ( see for example ASIG #676 ). below,as posted on fb.

** Time is running out ** PART II **
Wednesday,7 October is Sanctions Appeal Victory Day +6.

At 9.20 am this morning , someone from the Disputes Resolution team at JCP Makerfield phoned to actually apologise and explain that they had emailed the Benefits Section last Thursday to instruct them that I WON my Appeal and for them to pay me. This official interdepartmental email was ignored and not acted upon !! Makerfield could offer no explanation or excuse why the Benefits Section should choose to ignore an official email !! Beats me ,too.So,another Official interdepartmental email repeating the first one from last Thursday is being sent again.Oh ,and they did say,again,that they apologise. Oh,okay.
And all of that Stasi-speak follows directly on from yesterday’s Pythonesque farrago which established that Staff at JCP Wakefield remain utterly incompetent imbeciles and are at their most content when exhibiting their general state of uselessness.The day ended when they emailed the Benefits Centre a second time to remind them that I had indeed WON my Appeal.

Please do share and reblog if you wish. 1,000,000 welfare benefits sanctions are routinely imposed against recipients every year in the UK. Approximately 2% of those sanctions ever get to the Appeal stage. It is an arduous, bureaucratically tortuous ,will-sapping route to travel ;hundreds do in fact commit suicide at some point.This is not about controlling and managing a welfare budget ;this is the fucking Gulag.


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