And So It Goes…#699

Once again ,invariably ,inexorably, the US-NATO wardrums are beating ever louder. They want World War 3 and they clearly want it now. Despite financing and instigating an armed terrorist putsch against the presiding constitutional order, US-NATO failed to ignite the global conflagration over the Ukraine and ended up having to retrieve some vainglory by imposing  largely ineffectual economic sanctions against Russia as a pathetic spoiler .And now ,having created Daesh/Isis/Isil  ,US-NATO is again floundering in its own Merde.

Today ,10 October ,BBC Radio 4’s  ” Today ” flagship news programme broadcast an interview with Peter Ford ,UK ambassador to Syria 2003-06. Earlier in 2015 , the former ambassador wrote an article for  ” Knights Templar international ” , covering the very same points . Herewith appended , no commentary necessary. :-

David Cameron’s policy towards the war in Syria is “arrogant” and “reckless”, according to a former British ambassador to Damascus.

Peter Ford has accused the Prime Minister of demonising President Bashar al-Assad and, as a result, encouraging young British Muslims to become Jihadis.

Ford, who retired from the diplomatic service in 2006, attacked Cameron for supporting the armed Syrian opposition. Cameron even wanted to bomb government forces there on the basis of totally unsubstantiated propaganda claims over the use of chemical weapons in the conflict.

In the end, MPs voted against military action and Barack Obama failed to follow through on his warning that the use of chemical weapons constituted a “red line”. The incident – a key moment in the four-year crisis – was followed by Syria’s agreement to abandon its chemical arsenal, a sensible compromise negotiated by President Putin. If Cameron had got his way, the whole of Syria – and its chemical deterrent arsenal – would now be in the hands of ISIS.

This success “was no thanks to Cameron’s warmongering, rather it was a result of Russian pressure,” Ford writes in a strongly worded article for the Guardian.

“What was Cameron thinking – that decimating the Syrian army would make life harder for the Islamists, who are palpably the bigger and more atrocious threat?” Ford asks. “If Cameron had had his way, the jihadis could be in control of Damascus by now. Where is the accountability?

“William Hague [then foreign secretary] took the fall for the embarrassing failure with parliament – after a decent interval he was removed from the Foreign Office. But Cameron is the Teflon man here. Having got away with bombing Libya (with barely a thought for the poor Libyans, whose country is now a tragic mess) he must have arrogantly thought that Syria would make a nice encore.”

Thanks to Cameron, the UK is still spending £ Millions on ‘non-lethal’ support to the rebels, including night sights to enable them to pick off more victims in the dark. Ford rightly calls it “aiding and abetting”.

Ford argues that Cameron’s “unthinking policy on Syria” has fuelled the rise of support for jihadism among young British Muslims. “To call for the overthrow of the secular Syrian government, to demonise it out of all proportion (and remember, this is the same President Assad who was having tea with the Queen in 2006), to predict its imminent fall, as Cameron and Hague were doing in 2012 and 2013 – and then to wail as though it was nothing to do with them when British Muslims set off to help hasten said overthrow – is inconsistent and nonsensical.”

He could add that the mass media, particularly the BBC, are also to blame, having whipped up a frenzy of concern over Assad’s alleged brutality towards “innocent Muslims” and “democracy campaigners” who were in fact hardline Islamist fanatics from the very beginning.

Mr. Ford, 67, trained as an Arabist and served in Beirut, Riyadh, Paris and Cairo and was British ambassador to Bahrain as well as Syria from 2003-06. So he understands the Arab world in a way that Cameron could never hope to do even if he made a genuine effort instead of just doing what the Americans and other special interest lobbies tell him to do.

As a result, Cameron’s interference not only added to the danger of Islamist extremism, he has also helped make things even worse for the millions of Syrians – many of them Christians – who have been forced from their homes by the Islamist ‘rebels’ and who now really are the innocent victims of a genuine human catastrophe. 




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