And So It Goes…#700

When all is said and done and a line is finally drawn under this historic farrago ,this vanity project non-pareil ,this IS the european union summed up as reported  by the Daily Telegraph on October 12,2015.

 ” Spain has been told to re-write its national budget after the government’s plans fell foul of the European Union’s tough spending targets, two months before the country heads for national elections.

Madrid will now have to implement more spending cuts and raise taxes after the European Commission said its draft budget forecasts failed to comply with Europe’s fiscal rules.

Brussels estimates that Spain’s deficit will come in at -4.5pc this year and -3.5pc of GDP in 2016 – contravening the -3pc limits laid out by the EU’s “Stability and Growth Pact” rules.    ”

The Beast is Dead !! Only the passage of time now remains as the rotten stinking corpse of Global Usurer-Capitalism disintegrates into nothingness and of which not even a distant memory will survive.


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