And So It Goes…#701

All empires fall. All political parties fail. All politicians are hypocrites. After the hubristic celebrations accompanying the official ” Fall ” of European Post-1945 Communism with the ending of  ” The Cold War ” ,the US and its european satrapies  (a.k.a. NATO ) ,together with those european satrapies’ own little delusional imperial project , the ” European Union ” ,were all heading for a mighty fall. And so it has come to pass. The blasting to smithereens of what were sovereign ,independent national states and full members of the UN :- Yugoslavia ,Iraq ,Afghanistan ,Libya and Syria has finally sealed the fate of the long since moribund West and with it the pernicious ideology and practice of global monopoly capitalism .In one last inglorious re-run of the Great War 1914-18 ,the vestigial chimera of the British,French ,Hohenzollern ,Hapsburg and Ottoman imperial entities are choking to death on their own heritages . Gleaned from the Daily Telegraph,October 16,2015 :-

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the man Europe hopes can hold back a vast new wave of migrants, ridiculed an offer of visas, cash and a fresh chapter of accession talks drawn up by European leaders last night.

If Brussels wants his co-operation, nothing less than full EU membership will do, the president said, adding that the offer did not appear to be “sincere”.

“The West and Europe’s security and stability is contingent on our security and stability. They have accepted this now. So if it can’t happen without Turkey, why don’t you take Turkey into the EU? The problem is clear but they are not open,” he said.

Mr Erdogan’s determination to drive a hard bargain with Europe came as Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, prepared to travel to Turkey this weekend to try build momentum for a workable deal with Ankara.


Capitalist ,free market apocalypse .Courage my friend,Adam Smith is dead .


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