And So It Goes…#702

The proverbial saying , ” Lies , damn lies and statistics ” describes the insoluble paradox inside of which can be found ,imprisoned forever by its own internal ,intrinsic contradictions  ,capitalism and its necessary free market ideology.Empiricism is existential twaddle when all it is called upon to do is serve and affirm the basis of the dominant ideology -the spawn of Adam Smith’s deranged mind and intellectual faculties,free market capitalism. The Global Monopoly Capitalist Ruling Elites’ continuing enforcement and ” roll out ” of their Austerity masterplan is the purest expression of damned lies and statistics .And it is ,paradoxically their own Corporate media and Commentariat’s lapses back into truth ,honesty and veracity that,quite unintentionally expose Austerity’s sham to the rest of the philosophically benighted and intellectually moribund world at large. There are no  ” Scroungers ” except those found in popular myth and legend. There are no ” work shy ” ;there really are no ” welfare cheats “. And the facsimile-Tory Regime itself has produced evidence according to its own precepts that prove the point ! Matt Chorley ,political editor writes in the Daily Mail :-

Revealed: How £13BILLION in benefits are not claimed every year, including almost half of people on the dole

  • Millions of people are missing out on benefits they are entitled to claim
  • 45% of the jobless did not get Jobseeker’s Allowance, worth £2.62billion
  • 1.4million people missed out on Pension Credit worth up to £3.26billion
  • Charities said it was ‘shameful’ that pensioners were not getting help 

Benefits worth more than £13 billion are going unclaimed every year, including almost half of jobless people missing out on the dole.

The vast amount in unpaid income support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, housing benefit and pension credit is more than the entire sum George Osborne is trying to cut from the welfare budget.

Charities said it was ‘shameful’ that pensioners were missing out on £3 billion in help meant for the ‘poorest and most vulnerable’.

Even Goebbels ,would’ve at this stage puked up .


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