And So It Goes…#703

” The Twilight of the Gods ” was how the last  remnants of the Third Reich referred to their imminent destruction in May 1945. As Karl Marx ,and no doubt many others have remarked about History repeating itself ; first as a tragedy then as a farce – the moribund ,dysfunctional European Union is now itself experiencing the Twilight of the Gods. Herewith gleaned from the Daily Mortgage enslaved,conformist Mail of 23 October :-

”  Europe has become a ‘valley of fears’ as its ‘glorious years’ have come to an end, the president of the European Commission has admitted.

Jean-Claude Juncker said the continent is now in the shadow of the rest of the world economically, but insisted it is not the right time to end the ‘love affair’ with the European Union.

In a speech in Madrid, Mr Juncker conceded that the trading bloc is losing influence as ‘already today 80 per cent of growth originates from countries outside the EU’. “

There is not a single iota ,solitary sliver nor the merest sub-atomic particle of its history ,existence ,aspirations ,moral and philosophical which deserves to survive its actual extinction,its total evisceration from the very residue of human consciousness.The megalomaniacal ,human socio-economic re-engineering project aka the European Union should be allowed to fully enjoy oblivion. Goodbye Mister Juncker !!

Free ,free at least ,Hallelujah we’re free at last !!


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