And So It Goes…#705

12046666_978541668873583_3621783429553625781_nThe decrepit and moribund Northwestern Maritime Province of Greater Europe ,formerly Yu-Kay ,is experiencing the Global Usurer- Capitalist Ruling Elites’  draconian Austerity programme ;as indeed are many other similarly afflicted former sovereign nation states as diverse as Portugal ,South Africa ,Australia and virtually everywhere you care to think of between. Here in Yu -Kay the Austerity Collaborators, ( via  mass produced personalised,Disneyfied accounts published in the lickspittle Guardian and  vacuous Mirror ) are doing what they always do best ( well,besides hand wringing and doing sod all ) they’re transforming those being assailed and brutalised by austerity into the low-carbon emissions,low-class ideology driven Intelligentsia’s  ” Clients “. Something else they can all collectively bleed their consciences over. Yu-Kay has millions being added to every day who are brutalised ,ripped-off and exploited and for the Social democrats and liberals and C of E pseudo conscience mongers we’re their very own mini-Sudan ; their customised international humanitarian relief project conveniently located on their very doorsteps, that gives a kind of focus and pseudo-purpose to an otherwise wholly vacuous and redundant existence which THEY would otherwise have to endure before their equally meaningless death. ” Food Banks ” , a catchy title for a crusade for adults whose moral and intellectual development got stuck in their undergrad years and at seminary. So,having read the various non-news articles ….

*** VOMIT ALERT !!!! ***
Herewith a prime example of the toadying ,obsequious ,kow-towing nature of the Guardian-reading ,social democratic /liberal middle-class pseudo-intellectual response to the Ruling Elites’ Draconian Austerity/Welfare Claimant Punishment Regime:-
Dave Simmers, from the Food Banks Partnership Aberdeen said: “Any Jobcentre staff involved in such a position would need to have the attitude and outlook that was conducive to a food bank setting, where a particular ethos will prevail. And that’s a different ethos, I would respectfully suggest, to a Jobcentre or the DWP.”

A spokesman for the Trussell Trust, which operates more than 400 food banks across the UK, said: “We welcome the Government’s interest in exploring new ways that the DWP might help people at food banks. But we would also suggest that there first needs to be a dialogue between the DWP and The Trussell Trust network about the possible challenges and opportunities that hosting DWP advisers in food banks could afford.”

Sister Rita Lee, who works at the Lalley Welcome Centre said she had given Duncan Smith the idea: “I wrote to the minister and the Prime Minister and received very nice letters from them both, but it was Iain Duncan Smith who said we could have a meeting with him in London. I think it’s a brilliant, brilliant thing that the Government’s doing [this].”

” Respectfully suggest ” ? ” received very nice letters ” ? ” We welcome the government’s interest ” ?… Not even Petain and Quisling stooped to such amoral depths of servile forelock tugging. Capitalism and Austerity ( You can’t have one without the other ) are an affront to Human dignity and all those who collaborate with it and fail to even speak out against it are themselves misbegotten DNA with less moral capacity than the guards in the watchtowers of the Gulag.


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