And So It Goes…#707

Ever got the impression that the Yu-Kay’s  Chief Toilet Attendant Camwon is what psychologists would term a ” dick ” ? Think of John Cleese’s immortal comic creation the hotel owner  Basil Fawlty ( minus the moustache ). Camwon like Fawlty believes himself to be a player , part of what’s really going on ,a man of influence. The quintessence of Cleese’s creation is that the audience is let into the character’s deepest secret , Fawlty is a deluded non-entity. Unfortunately ,the world at large and the British elctorate in general don’t quite seem to have grasped hold of that salient fact in relation to Camwon. Let’s not forget,that it was Camwon  the Greater European Union’s Head step ‘n’ fetchit – the very acme of  a Public school ” fag ” ( not in the american sense ) took on the mantle of Mr.Tough Guy by cheerleading the sputteringly incompetent bombing of Libya and destruction of that country’s stable autocratic Regime. And now Camwon has overidden accepted and long standing international diplomatic and inter-governmental protocol and practice by telling both the Russian and Egyptian governments ,that it was a terrorist bomb that brought down a Russian commercial airliner over Egypt last week,when in fact their official investigations have not had time as yet to reach a definitive empiric and fact based conclusion about the matter. the best episodes of ” Fawlty Towers ” involved the hapless cretin being hands -on in the kitchen or the reception desk – both areas way beyond his neolithic ability levels. The world outside of the delusional and dysfunctioning EU-NATO campfires,is standing aghast at the sheer effrontery and idiotic neo-colonialist primping and preening being exhibited by ,of all the failed institutions of the western world, the complete arseholes of MI5 ,6 ,Bingo !! Here’s what the Daily Noncegraph reports on November 6 :-

Russian plane crash: Chaos as rescue flights are cancelled by Egyptian authorities leaving British tourists stranded – latest news

First rescue flights were supposed to leave Sharm El-Sheikh today only for tourists to be turned away at airport and flights suspended

• Easyjet flights cancelled by Egyptian authorities

• Chaos at Sharm El-Sheikh airport as tourists sent back to hotel
• British spies uncovered Isil bomb plot
• Regular flights could be grounded for “weeks”
• Tourists reveal they paid £20 to avoid queues and security

Camwon’s comedic catch-phrases …..” making a difference ” , ” standing up for britain’s interests ” , ” security..fighting ISIL/ISIS “..blah..blah.blah… in the end despite it’s entertainment value and popularity,even  ” Fawlty Towers ” got cancelled.


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