And So It Goes…#709

Capitalism is for idiots.It’s run by idiots ( capitalists ) along idiotic lines ( maximisation of profits = minimisation of wages ),for the specific and idiotic purpose of exclusively enriching ,exponentially the 1% of the human population who  constitute the System’s Ruling Elites. Usury ,the charging of Interest ( and not just ” excessive interest ” as the C.of E and other inveterate apologists of economic exploitation and mass impoverishment argue ) is a key lynchpin in the byzantine mechanism of what a compliant and imbecilic Commentariat and plethora of economics gurus and philosophers-manque profess to be the immaculate concept of the operation and maintenance of the Free market economy .Of course no such illusory ” market ” has ever actually existed nor can such a thing ever be brought into existence through human endeavour. But the supporters and acolytes and more importantly the actual metropolitan-domiciled, Ruling Elites are at their happiest when playing with their ideological colouring crayons within the confines of their padded cells whilst waiting for Nurse to fetch them their medication. They articulate their OCD by burbling on about Interest rates and Stock Market shares and rates of profit and investment and shareholder dividends and the rest of us actually pay them great attention. Idiots that We are.  And what is the other lynchpin on which rests the entire edifice of this leviathan contraption of capitalism ,the fantastical folie de grandeur of non-existent free market bollocks-economics ? the free movement ,at least a mediated version , of labour. Competition within the labour market.The  continual over supply ,calculated and nuanced only ever to the sole advantage of the owners of Capital ,of workers. Historically ,ideologically the political forces and representatives of organised labour have and continue to so do , fail to challenge let alone effectively oppose over supply and competition within the labour market. They in fact encourage and support it ! Why ? Because they too are idiots. Gleaned from the Daily Noncegraph of 11 November :-

Romanian and Bulgarian workers top 200,000 for first time, say official figures

The number of European Union workers in Britain has reached a record high of 2.1 million, the Office for National Statistics says, including a new high of 219,000 from Romania and Bulgaria

Ho- hum. In the alternate Disney-World of conformist ,subservience politics that is draped about them and over them like a burial shroud ,even the gobby left kow-tow to such glaring manifest stupidity.Even those who profess a cogent Marxist dogma appear congenitally incapable of articulating a Class based opposition to the unimpeded operation of the Capitalist system’s jugular vein.  As every Surgeon knows ,that in order to terminate the patient all you need do is cut off their blood supply.Clearly too difficult a concept for some.



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