And So It Goes…#710

This most interesting column appeared in the Daily Telegraph this morning ,November 17 :-

Paris attacks: Social media mourning shouldn’t be a blame game

The tragic terrorist attacks in Paris have sparked a huge outpouring of solidarity on social media – but not everyone has joined in. The politics of collective mourning are more fraught than ever, writes Radhika Sanghani.

And so it is. Being for the most part anti-Christian /secularist /atheist ,western capitalist consumer society is as hollowed out and vacuous in its emotional / psychological / philosophical life and responses as it is in relation to the conformist ,thoughtless servitude it allows itself to wallow in in relation to its primary economic functions. Flowers and candles and what the anti-christian,secularist,atheist imagines to be an air of significant or relevant ” spiritual ” affectation ; lump in the throat,tears welling up ,a slight trembling in the voice. It passes for ” solemn “. Quite how they reconcile themselves  with this exhibition of personalised solemnity, ( and perhaps it seems most likely that they don’t actually need to ” reconcile ” anything least of all to themselves ) to in their view a godless ,transient cosmos is Orwellian Doublethink in practice. ” There will be a one minute silence to mark the events in Paris ! ” barks out an assistant librarian at 10.59 am the other day,having a few minutes earlier,without any formality or apology to the users of the library individually for interrupting their studies,that he would be making an announcement in a few minutes. That’s Wakefield Metropolitan District Council for you ,to borrow and adapt a brilliant line from the eighties comedy film , ” Water ” , ” this place isn’t even the dot above the i in the word shit..” Let’s imagine the atheist correct in their assumption ; a godless cosmos. That being so ,by what moral /legal / legitimate authority does one have to be compelled to observe ” a silence ” ? And here we are ,the free ,sovereign citizens who constitute the democratic electorate being told continually that Paris happened because of an attack on OUR values of democracy ,openness ,freedom etc. Now if all the foregoing is somehow true ,who the hell do Wakefield Council and its public servants -servants of the Public ,think they are ?


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